Best Ways to Increase Breast Size (Without Surgery & Side Effects)

If you’re a female, you’ll know that one of the most common dis-satisfactions faced by women these days is the size of their breasts. This is because they feel that men don’t like Women with flat breasts.

The most effective way to enlarge breasts is to undergo breast augmentation surgery. However, any plastic surgeon would drill a huge hole in your pocket for such surgeries. Don’t get upset if you couldn’t afford the breast augmentation surgery as we’ve come up with several natural ways that can help you get bigger breasts.
Increase Breast Size without Surgery

Best Ways to Increase Breast Size (Without Surgery)

Breast Massage to Increase Size

Just like any other body massage, the massage done to the breasts does have awesome results. It helps by boosting healthy breast growth by making the boobs firm. Additionally, it is known to prevent cancer. So, why wouldn’t anyone say no to that?

Exercises to Get Bigger Breasts

  1. Push one palm of your hand with another aligned opposite (like Namaste pose in India).
  2. In conjunction with the above, do a set of 20 push-ups.
You’ll surely observe the change in about 21 days of time.

A Healthy Shake

Certain researches have proved that the best natural way to increase breast size is having papaya juice with toned milk regularly. Why not try it for yourself as it has no side-effects.

Breast Enlargement Creams

Estrogen based creams can be helpful in breast enlargement. However, do take the recommendation from your doctor as not all creams are good for everyone.

Breast Enlargement Pills

Consuming pills to increase the size of the breasts does have their advantages and disadvantages. They stimulate Oestrogen production in an unguaranteed manner (positive or negative sometimes). So, it’s not advisable to take pills unless your doctor suggested.

The Wonder Bra

In case if you’re not interested in the natural ways to get your breasts increased for some or the other reasons, you can try the Wonder bra which will fulfill your desires. It is nothing but a pad which can be fitted inside your actual bra and make breasts look blown up for the better.

Lastly, please remember that there is no quick fix for anything if you go the natural way. Be patient! It pays :)

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